Can anybody make me some overlays?


I’m just wondering if anybody would be able to make me some overlays?

I have the backgrounds!

I want to do the mirror reflection scene but can’t figure out how to make the backgrounds into overlays etc…

I also would like some text overlays making if possible?

Thanks in advance x

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Hello I can make some overlay for you just pm me

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I can

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What do you wish for ?

Thank you!

These are the backgrounds that I need making into Overlays…

Ok which part do you want to be turned into overlays
Table , Mirror etc

I’m trying to do that Mirror Reflection thing so I need the whole image turning into an Overlay so that I can put it on the original background if that makes sense?

If I understand correctly you want the 2 backgrounds to be overlyas

Heres the first one

Heres the second one:

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Thank you so much!

Do you do text overlays?

I do

Does text overlays really well

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Thank you!

I shall message her x

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Ok !

Yes I do if you still need it :slight_smile: