Can anybody make these images into an overlay

Hey it´s lavender again sorry i havent been posting a whole lot lately but i need help i´m making a story and i need these images to become overlays so here they are…


I would but I am not at home. Sorry! I won’t be home for a while.

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It´s alright. :smile:





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Since these are images already, I would say changing their type of image so basically making it .PNG since that is what episode accepts as type of overlay. This is for windows, so click on the windows tab in the left bottom corner, then go to File Explorer, after that search up the image you want to make as an overlay, after that double right click, then click on the button that says rename and then name it HANDOVERLAY.PNG just copy and paste that and then you got your overlay! I don’t know about Macbooks or apple products in general though, sorry.

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Thank you so much @kardashianklan and @rubywrites and @Danielle318 for helping


Np, glad to help!

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Let me know if you still need them as PNG, I can do it :upside_down_face:

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