Can anybody please review my story?

hiya! my story, Fairy Trouble, by TTrain isn’t doing so well. I was wondering if something was wrong with it or…
so, i was wondering if anybody would like to make a review for me?
it’s called fairy trouble, and make sure the author is TTrain because many stories have the same title
thank you SO much!


ill check it out.

The text overlays are pretty cool, andddd OMG I PICKED THE WRONG CHOICE AHHHHHHHH XDDDD

character need to be at a higher layer to be in front of overlay.

Great work using the overlays.

Reading chapter 2 and the grammar is doing pretty good.

omg yay! tysm

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what wrong choice did you make?

omg the scream sound, is tht for female? I guess thats the new sound and im laughing and the choice between trusting stormy to follow her lol

We have a grammar/spelling thread called “Ren and Jem’s proof-reading workshop” where you can request for a review. Even though we mainly look at your writing, we do look at other things as well :yay:

Yes, this is a shameless self promo :joy: :see_no_evil:

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Is there a link?

🎃 Ren and Jem’s Proof-Reading Workshop 🎃 :blob_sun:

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Oh my gosh! Thank youuu~

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