Can anybody recolor this backgrounds for me?

Hey episodians! I badly need someone to recolor these backgrounds for me :(((

  • I need the chairs painted in green.

  • I need the lockers and the small 6 tiles painted in green.
  • The walls in golden color.
  • The bottom of the wall ya know I don’t know what’s that called but it’s also blue right? I need it in black.

  • Just applying the last one in here too. Lockers in green color, the walls in golden color, the bottom of the wall in black color.
  • I just need the very very back door on the right in rich brown color.

  • I need the walls in a darker color. May be black, greyish whatever. You decide whichever looks best?? :)))

That is all. I hope somebody can help me? I will appreciate it so much! I’ll credit you in my story and IG don’t worry.

I think I can do a few of these

just request here if you can, copy and paste what you want done


Yeah I recommend @meadowh, she’s a queen


Thanks girl xx

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