Can anybody suggest me good love stories to read? LGBT ones specifically?



I feel like it’s not that easy to find LGBT stories. Suggest me some pls!


Adrenaline, and bound to the lust demon, are pretty good LGBT stories. :relaxed:


I check em out, ty!


No problem.


Aphrodite and Ashes by Kae


The Fourth Floor has choose your sexuality (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual)


I do like Adrenaline but wouldn’t say it’s that great of an LGBT story imo.

LGBT stories that I adore are Playing Her Game AND ESPECIALLY Waiting in the Wings by Beth Charity Sweet.

She is incredible in writing and representation, and she also has sequels out for above (Played Her Game and Waiting for Fate) :slight_smile:

A Flawless Plan is amazing too!


I’d say Bad Boy In Town (No, there areno bad boy clichè)


Ah i read that one of course. Definitely one of my favorites.