Can anyone be an Artist for my story?

Since I don’t want the art scenes all over the place in the story: I want it all to be the same. Cover, Art scenes and everything. Can someone be the artist? Please post some examples down below. (Do not post your group, I just want one person and not having to post everything on a group thread.)


I can help? If you want?

Let me now if you need more!

May I see some examples?

Your art is great but It’s not what I’m looking for :).

Hey :blush: I can maybe try to help, but I’m not that good at drawing my own poses :slight_smile:


You look great at drawing your own poses! I’ll take it. Welcome to the job :heart:

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Further information will be through PM.

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of course :slight_smile: looking forward to work with you :slight_smile: can you PM me what is your story about too?


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