Can anyone convert a background into an overlay?

Can anyone convert a window background into an overlay so that I can make my character stand behind the window.
Background: INT. WINDOW - DAY
Anyone who makes this, I’ll mention the credits of your work in that scene!

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I can do this for you, just give me about 10 minutes

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Is this what you wanted?

It doesn’t look like an overlay, but when you upload it the glass is see through. :blob_hearts:
If you need anything else, just pm me.


Thank you!:heart: so here, the character can be seen behind the window, isn’t it?

Yes, when you upload it as an overlay, the character will be behind the glass and you can see them.

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Thank you! Could you mention your instagram ID please

My instagram is emily.rose.writes

Okayyyyy thankyou! I’ll make sure to mention you in that scene! :revolving_hearts:

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