Can Anyone Create Custom Art Scenes?


so im writing my story and i have a ton of ideas. because ther is no customization, i want to do some custom art scenes, but idk how and i would probably be really bad at it. if you know anyone, or are somone, that would be willing to create these for me, i would love it. i would give that person descriptions of the characters and the story behind the scenes. thanks :kissing_heart::blush:


I can help


really?! dm me on instagram: @briannem.episode


Sorry I donโ€™t have insta


oh, thatโ€™s okay, would you mind if i saw some examples of some of your work





could you do any like these?

(These are from the story The Watchers.)


Those r awesome!


@Episode.TayTay help with what?


I do art scenes.


Itโ€™s cool @epsd.ama helped me already tysm thou


can anyone do art scenes like the ones above that i sent?

No really, but this is what I made