Can anyone do a paper a character can hold?

Hey guys Im BACK And I need some help :sob: I was wanting to see if anyone could make this into a paper that my character can hold? so basically like an overlay! Here is what I want…

It’s already a png but I want it to be a different color
^^^This kind of Teal
And if possible I want the words in a different font
^^^^This font
And the color of the words could stay Pink I guess If anyone can do this I will forever appreciate you and credit needed will be credit given

ALSO if you are thinking of doing it for me plz use this password just so I know you read my whole little “scheme”
Tysm to whoever can and if you can’t I totally get it, it may be alot to ask for but again I would really appreciate it :heart:

I can help

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Okay tysm :heart:

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Your welcome

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If you need any more information feel free to PM me im gonna have this topic closed!


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@Sydney_H Would you please close this topic for me Lovely?


Closed by OP request :smiley: