Can Anyone Do A Story Cover?


Hello, fellow Episodians. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to make me a cover similar to this:

As a reference to art style, and if it could have the title above. If you are willing to participate in this job, please message me privately so I can give you the details, e.g. characters, title and any other additional information.

I’m also looking for a big cover!




Hi I can!


Thanks for tagging me!




That’s great! (: Can I see an example of your art style? :slight_smile:



Cute! :slight_smile:
I can send details, you can also do them in any position you would like.


Hi, is it okey if I also try?


Yep! :slight_smile:


Thanks :heart:


Alright cool!


ok, I’ll send now, if that’s ok?




For some reason, I can’t message you. So if you message me first I can send :slight_smile:


Hey could you message me so I can send the deeds for cover? :slight_smile:






Awwww you never forget to tag me your too sweet sis


Thank you! I would never forget to tag you! Because I just copy and paste the same list of tags lol