Can anyone do me a cover? 🥺

I swear I’m so tried of looking through art shops :sob:
If anyone is willing to do me a INK cover with 2 male characters
I’m down with any pose or clothing
The title is Opposites Attract
This is for my reveal story and of course I will credit you in every episode
If you are interested in doing this for me just drop your examples!
I do prefer drawn but edited works too!

Character Details

Bushy wide
Boy Bun//Auburn
Round Piercing//Black
Chiseled Square

Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)

Thin Arch
Long Bangs//Charcoal
Deepset Piercing//Purple
Defined Triangle

If you could add Key Necklace to both of them that would be great

Or like can someone tag someone that may be able to do this for me
Also anyone on IG that can

IM BROKE OK so please don’t pm me or reply to this thread if you do commissions


i love how you added that in recently.

uhhh, epi.verve’s shop, Dream Team? uhhh ItsTerra or PON?

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Someone pmed me :skull:

epi.verve’s requests are closed,
Terrs requests are closed
Nae doesnt do males :pleading_face:


I hope you find an artist.

Maybe @Clevertimes can do it? I honestly don’t know if she does males. But you can ask her, of course if she isn’t busy! She has a shop!

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Mine is edited, but you can have a look at my examples if you’d like :llama:

Lin’s Custom Poses, Covers, Background/Overlay Edits [FREE] [OPEN]

Hey I can make you an cover! My art is for free. I already made two artscenes and one cover. Here is my Instagram:

If you dm me then I will send you some examples. I can’t sent you now the examples because the cover and artscenes from the people are still in review and I will post them unit there are approved

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can you pm it to me :pleading_face:

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Hope u get a good cover :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


bump :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


🍁 toronto man's art shop 🍁 {OPEN FOR BUSINESS}

@nick can you close this please?
thank you! :v:t2:

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Closed: Request of Op