Can anyone do me a instagram splash

looking for someone to do me a new instagram cover splash

something that has my episode character and says follow me @tymonette.writes for sneak peaks && updates

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I can do that for you, just send me the details. If you want to see my examples go to Clevertimes’ Art Shop. :blush:


id love that
skin- copper 5
hair-black over shoulder braid
lips- dark red-full round pouty
nose-round button
eyes-deepest downturned-dark brown
eyebrows- arched natural-black
face -soft heart

with the skull rose tattoo
&nose stud piercings

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Any specific background for it, also character outfit and pose?

beach background

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Here you go! Let me know if you’d like me to change anything.

omfg i love that :heart_eyes:

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Glad you like it! :wink:

thank you

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Hey do you mind creating me one also please :pleading_face: same way and can the characters just be 2 besties on the back and the IG pages are mines sincity.episode and my co-author’s is write.rsblock

Hey I can help you if you wantđź’ž

I would love that :slightly_smiling_face:

Oki could you pm your information so I can do it?:revolving_hearts:

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