Can anyone do my small cover for my story?

I really need a small cover for my story I’m getting a large one done but the artist doesn’t do small ones would anyone be willing to do it and show me some of their other work so I know your style?


Hi I can do your cover but it my take awhile as I have other request to do but should take 2 weeks max :blush::wink:

My Examples

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I Could help you out.



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Sorry I didn’t reply had school

Had school sorry about the late reply

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That is fine so what do you think of my examples

No problem… :grin:

I had to be nosy, because I love art! These are just beautiful! @Miss.Fatima_Z and @ChayChay

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Thank you.

Your welcome!

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I’m here !

Love em’

Want a picture of my characters?

Sure, also the details of them. Just a pre-note it may take 3 weeks as I am busy with other requests

It’s fine!

The girl has:
Light skin
Oval face
Straight hair
Auburn hair
Upturned nose
Full round lips
Ruby red lips
Defined natural eye brows
White eyes
Upturned feline eyes
She has clear wayfarer glasses also

Boy has:
Round piercing eyes
Auburn eyes
Charcoal hair
Boy Bun hair style
Button nose
Smirk mouth
Thin arch eyebrows
Terracotta lip colour
Light skin tone

I can

What position do you want them in