Can anyone do this for me plz?

I cant find anyone who can fill this request if you can, can you pm me or say soon this thread?- BabiGutz

  • Main idea: Dreamy type space aesthetic
  • Preferred background (custom/Episode/other): I want her to be leaning against a wall
  • Color scheme: mostly blue, black, white, silver, gold, pink
  • Preferred picture size: on the larger side
  • **Deadline (be specific and reasonable): about a week but im okay with any extra time you need
  • Any extra text: Her name: Karma Luciano
  • Any overlays: a Gun
  • Anything extra: I want her to have her gun up to her lips smiling with a wink against a wall
  • Fill out the form below for each character (Max of 4):
  1. Character style (LL, INK, Classic): LL
  2. Character details:Body:Female Soft Body
    Brow:Arched Natural Scar (Dark brown)
    Hair:Long Voluminous Curls Loose (Dark Brown)
    Eyes:Round Downturned Wide (Grey Cool)
    Nose:Round Button Upturned
    Lips:Full Round Pouty (Neutral Medium Nude Matte)
    Skin Tone: Gold 04
    Tattoo: Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
    Other details: Short, Blushy, and confident
  3. Character outfit:

Background: I want her to be leaning against a wall this is gonna be a cover and an instagram post.

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is it a cover that you want?

if so you can request in my art shop :