Can anyone edit this so it's more badass? Cheers x

Hay! I found this background made by @TheTurtleTrainer and was wondering if anyone could make it dark (not like so it’s night but so the walls and sheets and things are like black or dark grey) and so it looks more badass. You can leave the shelves and walls plain I just need the colour change as I will be adding features to the shelves and posters and things. Cheers guys!

Hi I’m happy to help colour change the walls etc for you, but just wondering has the creator of the background given you permission to edit/change the background?
Some background creators prefer their art work not be edited :slight_smile: so just want to make sure! :smiley:

the topic says that if you upload then your allowing people to edit over it but still give credit so both of you would get credit x

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Okay, I might suggest that you still ask, just to be safe, I have seen some artists who prefer it not be altered but it’s up to you :slight_smile:

i asked and waiting for a reply. D’ya think you could still do it? If not I understand x

If the original artist is okay with it being altered then of course :slight_smile: But I’d prefer to not touch it until they okay it :grin:

ok I’ll let u know x

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Okay :slight_smile: