Can anyone explain me overlay's layers?

Hi, I was wondering if there is someone that can explain me how to put an overlay under the character, because they always appear in front of the overlay. Also, is there anyone that can explain me how to make a character enter from the corner?

You have to put the overlay at a different layer.
For instance:
INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with OVERLAY at layer 2 in zone 1
&CHAR moves to layer 3

Did everything get solved?

Yes, thanks for asking

I have same question but I’m creating overlay mid
scene not at beginning…how do I do tht with putting overlay in a layer

How I would write it:

@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME scales to % % in 0
@overlay NAME shifts to x y in zone # in T
@overlay NAME to layer #
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0

Example using this:

@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER create
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER scales to 1.5 1.5 in 0
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER shifts to 220 85 in zone 3 in 0
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER to layer 4
@overlay CAR ANGLE SILVER opacity 1 in 0

*I took this example from Dara’s thread on Placing & Animating Overlays (you can search up the thread on the forums and find more info on overlays there or check out this: )