Can anyone explain why this happens?

I try to make my character walk, then do an idle animation however when i press preview it makes the character walk while doing the animation i wanted them to do AFTER.

Here is what i wrote. Plz tell me what is wrong and what to do.


Perhaps try replacing the & with @ ?

I’m not sure though I apologise :blob_hearts:

By using &, you’re making your character perform the command below it the same time as the one on the line above, and that’s why your code is happening that way.

Either you replace the & with @ like Cherry said, or you put a pause (e.g @pause for 3.1) before the next line which is @ADELINA starts idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop

the & is because the line before it is a camera zoom/pan to follow the character , so if i change it to @ it’ll not follow the character and the character will start walking AFTER the zoom happens so itll just make it look weird

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If your zoom begins with &, you can change the next line to @ and the character will still do it at the same time as the zoom. Try it.

idek if thats right, im acting like i know everything but thats what i believe :sob:

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BYE. i didnt even know that was possible i thought u had to do & for BOTH lines :sob: ty now its just fixed

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