Can anyone give me a good story?

My name is Abygail and I am bored out of my mind. No one has been requesting covers or anything and I’ve run out of things to do.

Can anyone give me a story on Episode that matches what I’m looking for?
I’m interested in darker love stories- dark as in sad, depressing, ect.

(Now that I’m reading that back to myself, I sound insane- help)

But anyways- please leave your suggestions below!
Thank you :gift_heart:

You should definitely read Blake!

Damaged Goods

Those were the three that came to my mind right away, I know there are more that I’ve also already read, just can’t remember their names :sweat_smile:
Maybe check out my Episode profile (Dreamer, with just one published story, Dreams and Nightmares) and look at my recommended :slight_smile: There might be some stories you’ll enjoy reading

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