Can anyone give me advice on romantic scenes

So I am horrible with romance, which arent go good with a story there has five love interest. which maybe wasent the best idea. but its to late to change.

and like, some of my love interest are going well, and then a couple I kinda screw over, which isnt on purpose. but it so happanened.

the story is a medieval fantasy, so I cant use any mordern ideas.

and I dont know what to make them say most of the time, I am not a romantic person. my own reletionships are more like friendships. which is nice but not romantic.

please help with some advice.

here are the characters

I did make this character cards not finish yet


It is mostly the female love interest I have problems with, I made them more like friend, then love interest.

love interest

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wow… 5 Lis?..
isnt it too hard to keep up with them all?


Can you tell us who they are in relation to each other?

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some cute date ideas:

  1. horseback riding (medieval take on motorcycle riding, which is the best date ever if you were wondering)
  2. Picnics and long walks through meadows or gardens
  3. Restaurants have been around since ancient Greece, so you could do a stereotypical dinner date
  4. Expanding on a dinner date, they could go to a play, but keep in mind that plays would be considered brutish and beneath anyone of the upper class. (If you do something like this, you could include tomato throwing.)
  5. They could go to a religious event together or celebrate a holiday or festival together
  6. You could have one character give the other some creepy medieval gift (like a cage of lice for example)

Some helpful links:
Click here for medieval festivals
Click here for medieval holidays
About medieval dating
More on medieval dating
And a little more on medieval dating

I would honestly just think through some date ideas for the modern era and then think about how they could be made into something historical. Honestly, people don’t change that much. They found ancient roman letters between a pair of ladies a few years back and they were gossiping about the same sort of stuff people gossip about today.

Also, if you need any help with the romantic interactions side of things, I’ve been around the block a few times and am unfortunately familiar with the concept of romance.

I would honestly just try to do a lot of research on medieval dating, too.

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it is :sweat: they are all well written characters, but its hard to give them equel attention

but she is not dating any of them. I have done horseback rideing. many of this things arent possible in the way the story spin.

I dont really need date ideas. I need ways to flirt

Then you’ll need to give a little bit more about the story and the characters/personalities. As mentioned before, I would be happy to help with dialogue, but it needs to be specific, as I do not know your characters nor the situations they’re interacting in.


Updated original post with information about them.

updated original post with some information.

hmm maybe…

They all can go to a “friends” date… together?

And take care of MC in every different way… one by one?..

It’s not about romantic…
Showing care, Love affection is beyond romantic.

Holding hands, doing lots of talk under night sky is cute.

And there i lots of ways?


Can I pm you?

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I’d advice you to start with foreplay in any type of romance scene and keep it slow. Don’t jump into it really quick. You have to turn the readers on!:wink:


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