Can anyone give me INK characters for practicing my art:)

Hey how are y’all :blob_hearts:
I was just wondering if anyone could give me their INK model that I could draw for practice…
I’ll put them in my art shop as well and I’ll credit you! Thanks guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Click here

Just an outline

For @Abimations4 contest(still working on it)

Thanks guys :blob_hearts:


Here is mine if you would like! Outfit up to you x


Thank youuu :blob_hearts:

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Here you go!

Thank youuu:)

feel free to use !


Thank youuu!

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Feel free to use my characters :relaxed:

Thanks :revolving_hearts: :blob_sun:

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you can use both my baby daddy and I . :3


I’m gay but g0ddamn he’s actually very hot lol :drooling_face:
Plus I’m goth too so-
Thank you;)

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GIRL I FEEL YOU. I like women more, but I simp over him sooo much. He restored my faith in men, probably bc he’s fictional though lol.

Aww yay! It’s hard finding likeminded people here haha!

Yes fr ahaha, if you ever wanna talk we can message if not it’s completely ok! Idk I feel like I can talk to you and you seem so fun lol :blob_hearts:

not me getting excited lol-

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I’m so down! Do you have instagram? :slight_smile: you seem easy to talk to, and also fun as well!

I unfortunately do not have Instagram:( but I’m thinking about making one soon, the only problem is my mom :sweat: (i swear im not a kid)

Aww, I understand! Well, there is always pm here! :smile: