Can anyone give me some male and female love intreset?



I’m sorry i dont know were this goes but i need male and female love intreset.
A couple of male ones will be killed fyi


Here’s female.


Skin tone: Caramel
Brows: narrow
Face shape: Defined triangle
Hair: Cropped hair
Hair color: Fawn
Eyes: stoic almond
Eye color: Blue
Lips: Uneven
Lip color: Blush
Nose: Button


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male or female?


I mean male lol




I meant to say male


No problem, thank you


Do you have any name in mind?





does the outfit matter or do you have one in mind?


female - Ruby
skin - mocha
eyes - upturned bold - green
eyebrows - seductive arch
lips - full round - scarlet
hair - diva curls - purple
face shape - oval
nose - elven

Male - logan

skin - honey
eyes - classic round - brown
eye brows - narrow
face shape - defined triangle
hair - un-styled faux hawk - blue
lips - uneven
nose - small


does the outfit matter or do you have one in mind


no whatever u want to put him (as long as he is wearing a little bad boy clothes)


i dont have a particular outfit in mind just probably a rocker vibe


when i’m done i show you him :smiley:




how does he look? blue eyes done


Can u make the eyebrows be thin arc please