Can anyone help? I have a quick question

My advice would be to do more writing than directing for now! When there is a bunch of code it looks like you have a complete full episode when it’s not really the case. I personally do a bunch of writing. and add notes like “do this later, spot direct,” writing notes to give credit for BG etc and just write. It’s a lot easier to put it all out and then direct later

So pretty much just write out the episode and do directing later? Is there anyway you could help me fix my closet scene?


@zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@pause for 4

@LUCILLE changes into LUCILLE_towel
@LUCILLE changes hair into Full Pigtail
@LUCILLE enters from left to screen left
@follow LUCILLE to screen center in zone 2
@LUCILLE walks to spot 0.977 123 133 in zone 2
@LUCILLE moves to layer 3
@LUCILLE faces right
&overlay 5161456723230720_CHOOSE shifts to 184 356 in zone 2
&overlay 5161456723230720_CHOOSE scales to 0.317 0.317 in zone 2
&overlay 5161456723230720_RIGHT_ARROW shifts to 218 18 in zone 2
&overlay 5161456723230720_RIGHT_ARROW scales to 1.291 1.291 in zone 2
&overlay 5161456723230720_LEFT_ARROW shifts to -14 9 in zone 2
&overlay 5161456723230720_LEFT_ARROW scales to 1.328 1.328 in zone 2

My arrows will not stay in zone 2

they’re not staying in zone 2 as in they’re moving to another zone?

and yes. definitely get your ideas out, write more than you direct, do the directing later. always note down ideas in the portal if that is what works for you. some people always direct as they go but I find it easier to direct later so I don’t lose my thoughts

yeah they move to zone 1 when she enters. Like they dont stay put in zone 2. For when she enters she goes to zone 2 then the arrows go there. But as she enters the arrows and all are at her feet.

@Winteronepisode would you have a better idea on how to fix their issue?

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hopefully winter can help :see_no_evil:

I cant get it to stay for the life of me.i tried doin the & and the @ for it and it doesnt stay

I’m not too good with overlays but I think Winter is :slight_smile:

Try this in place of your current coding:

INT. WALKINCLOSET - DAY with LEFT_ARROW to 1 3 160 in zone 2 with RIGHT_ARROW to 1 242 160 in zone 2 with CHOOSE to .442 72 171 in zone 2
&overlay LEFT_ARROW opacity 0 and overlay RIGHT_ARROW opacity 0 and overlay CHOOSE opacity 0
&zoom on 160 284 to 100% in 0
@pause for 4

@LUCILLE enters from left to screen left
&pan to zone 2 in 2.5
@LUCILLE walks to spot 0.977 167 140 in zone 2 in 2.5 and LUCILLE moves to layer 3 and LUCILLE faces right then overlay LEFT_ARROW opacity 1 in .5 and overlay RIGHT_ARROW opacity 1 in .5 and overlay CHOOSE opacity 1 in .5

Thank you for the mention love :heart:

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Thank u! I will try tht n i will let u knw

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It’s hard to say how you should have it, because it’s your story and only you know how you want it.

However, there are certain things that can potentially strengthen or weaken your story, especially in the opening scenes.

Personally, may be my own preference, but beginning with a line such as: “I bet you’re wondering why…” is a pet peeve. This is because not only do I immediately feel like I’m on the outside looking in, because the character is speaking to me, but also, and I say this kindly, but I don’t yet care why the character is … whatever it is… This isn’t because you’ve done something wrong, it’s just because it takes time to warm to a character. And so as soon as we see them, we wouldnt be wondering that.

Hopefully that helps a little. And if you would like me to read through your first episode you are welcome to DM me the link and ill provide you with my detailed and honest feedback, (not brutal and harsh, I promise, only aimed at helping.)

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I mean sure. I wanna strengthen my story n get people interested.

I think it’d be unique to start your story with the action, then flashing back throughout the next episodes. I saw another story like that (Can’t think of the name) but I thought it was cool.

Really, though, like Lauren.Writes said, start it however you want. Code however you want :slight_smile:

In my opinion I think you should familiarise yourself on what everyone hates in an episode story so you can avoid them. Most is simple, like bad grammar but others are really interesting. And most are the same. If you go to the Episode Fan Community that is within Community you will find a topic a few topics on this. Here’s one if you can’t find one.

I totally agree with you.

Well most of those things r in my story. So I guess its not going to be good. :pensive: i have Love in my title. My story is called Love Eternal.

My story is that my MC gets humiliated at her own party by people tht werent invited. Could u take a look at my story and see if it would appeal to u?

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