Can anyone help me come up with my story description? (warning, talks about abuse)

There is no LI in this story. This story is about a girl who gets abused my her mother and her father. Her mother abuses her because the mother feels like she messed up her and her husbands relationship with getting pregnant. BUT THEIR TRUE COLORS ONLY COME OUT WHEN THEY ARE DRUNK AND UNDER PRESSURE. For example, the mother and father care for their daughter WHEN THEY ARE NOT DRUNK, when they aren’t drunk they are a happy family but when the time comes it all goes down hill. The MC is the daughter of them (incase you haven’t caught on) in the event when the parents are fighting the MC thinks its all her fault for everything and she’s just trying to find herself as a person. (THOSE ARE SOME DETAILS OF THE STORY ALL I NEED A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF IT AND I WILL CREDIT YOU FOR IT!)

I’m not the best at this but hope this somewhat helps haha:

Lost and broken, all your life your parents have blamed you for breaking their family apart. In the midst of yet another drunken fight, are you finally ready to find yourself?


I love that!

Thank you!

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i love it tysm! what’s your instagram so i can credit you for it?

Of course no problem! I actually don’t have an episode specific instagram so if you want to credit me you can just credit my forum name, it’s up to you. I’m glad I could help!

Plot sounds really interesting by the way, good luck on your story!

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tyy :)) and will do!

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