Can anyone help me in coding🙂

Actually I am writing one new story and actually want coding. The scene is that there is one man standing in between and there are 7 people surrounded by him and they are all using an overlay of magic. And they should be standing in zone 3 and should be standing little far.

I can make you the template for the characters but because I dont have your overlay for magic I cant add it there this have you to do or you have to give me the overlay.

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CHAR - is the one in the middle AA1-AA7 are the one around him.

&CHAR spot 0.941 147 195 in zone 3 AND CHAR moves to layer 8 AND CHAR faces left
&AA1 spot 0.760 93 284 in zone 3 AND AA1 moves to layer 0 AND AA1 faces right
&AA2 spot 0.772 189 286 in zone 3 AND AA2 moves to layer 2 AND AA2 faces left
&AA3 spot 0.851 48 235 in zone 3 AND AA3 moves to layer 4 AND AA3 faces right
&AA4 spot 0.875 255 218 in zone 3 AND AA4 moves to layer 6 AND AA4 faces left
&AA5 spot 0.959 58 149 in zone 3 AND AA5 is rear AND AA5 moves to layer 10 AND AA5 faces left
&AA6 spot 0.959 257 135 in zone 3 AND AA6 is rear AND AA6 moves to layer 12 AND AA6 faces right
&AA7 spot 1.002 179 105 in zone 3 AND AA7 is rear AND AA7 moves to layer 14 AND AA7 faces right
@cut to zone 3

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Thank you so much and I will add it

@Farah_DeSantis but I am not able to put the overlay to every character can you give an example by putting something else and give me the code

I purpously put the character on layers 0 2 4 6 atc…

So you can put overlays between them. to layers 1 3 5 7 atc…
You just have to layer the overlays the right way

here you have detailed info how to animate overlays

If I will put something different there it will not have the right coordinates so I do not much see the point of it.

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