Can Anyone Help Me Make Sure The Characters I Create Match Their Ethnicity?

Can anyone help me with this?

What ethnicities?

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Well, it depends on the character, I’d sent a character and you’d tell me if it’s fine or if I should change something, and what I should if it’s needed.

Well, nobody is going to know what’s offensive or correct every single ethnicity’s appearances or attitudes, so you’d have to turn to different people.


It’s mostly dark skinned characters I struggle with, but I’m looking for help from numerous people just in case.

Ok, then just post the characters here and everyone can do it. Different people have different preferences or what they think is wrong or right, so there could be a lot of people to ask.

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I’m not comfortable with that for reasons. I’d prefer making a group chat with people who’d want to help.

For example, I’m Asian and I hate when authors use the small eyes from Asian characters, obviously others don’t mind, but it’s all a matter of opinions.

Say what ethnicities you need help with then people can tell you what character they can help with even if you don’t want post them here. You can show them to the people who offer.

My characters have all the different ethnicites.

Well, then you actually have to specify. That’s like when someone asks if there’s someone that can make them a cover. If you want more answers, you have to provide more details.

I know but you surely have a list and then people can tell you what of them they can help with.

Do research first, you’ll find general preference. Then you can ask everyone what their personal preferences are.

Research has never helped me in regards to Episode writing.

Um… this isn’t about writing. This is accurately portraying religions, ethnicities, and people in general. That deserves even a little bit of research.


Some Ethnicities my characters are:

  • African American
  • Asian
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Jewish
  • Mixed
  • Russian
  • White
  • Black people
  • Hispanic
  • Asian American
  • Mexican

I can try help with white (:

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I can help with Asian and Asian American.

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Oki! :slight_smile: