Can anyone help me make text overlays?

Hi there!
I’m in need of assistance with my text overlays.

These kinds of overlays won’t just be straight up texts, will have some editing required :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you are able to help me.

Tagging a couple of people that have helped me in the past (so sorry if you don’t wanna be tagged)


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Hey I can do that just pm me or dm in my insta 2eerina😊

whatchu need?

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What kind were you looking for?

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Here you can make text overlays with textbox. It will let you download it. Choose PNG.

Other useful links :)

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Hi there! I’m not looking to remove text from a background, but to make actual text from scratch if that makes sense.
I don’t know much about that website (don’t know how to use it) aside from removing backgrounds

I really appreciate the help though!

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Click create new. There will be a box on the top right of your screen. Press create. See the T in the pic? That where you can create text. There are many fonts to choose from. (You can edit the text overlay yourself after you download it. On a website you are familiar with.) When you click save, it will ask you what type of file you want the text overlay to be. Choose PNG. Then you have a text overlay you can edit yourself. :+1:

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Hope I helped out a little more.

Thank you! I’ll try it out!

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