Can anyone help me out? I'm already having a cover done but I need to know something (CLOSED)


So I’ve been seeing people make AMAZING cover art and I have all the resources to make a cover but I’m not so good at digital drawing. Does anyone have any tips on how I can control the lines, layers? Also I don’t know how to to do clothing folds and shading, nor highlights. By shading I mean everything. So yeah. If any professional artist here can help me out, or someone that knows what they’re doing could that would be just fine. I don’t think you need to PM me for this. Side note: Youtube isn’t helping! Also, after my cover is made, I’d like to go on knowing I can make my own next time!

PS: How do you do lineart?

Software I use: Medibang Paint Pro

Tablet I use: Huion


I don’t really know how to explain, I use ibis paint X which is is a good app personally for me.

I give give you Tricks on how I shade and do my outlines etc.


God bless you! Just any rand tip or trick will do just fine for me! Mostly on shading and clothing folds.


Okay, hold on, I like to demostrate using pictures, so since you just wanna learn how to shade I’ll just do that. Do you want to learn how to shade the face or like a full body.


Full body please!


Aight. Give ya girl a minute I need to sketch a full body drawing reaalll quick!


Of course.


So here’s the crappy outline I will be using :joy:

I already got it colored in as you want to learn how to shade.


Thank you!


All I do is add an extra layer after my outline, go on the selection layer. You then use the bucket to select whatever you want to shade. I used the jeans here. You then pick a slightly darker color than the shade of your object, trace around the dotted like with your color. After, you can go back to the selection layer and erase what you filled in. Go back to the last layer you were on. Go on Gaussian Blur and blur it to your liking.


Okay. I understand this.


Would I do the same for the shirt?


I use medibang, and a tipp would be to layer each part differently so you can select it!


I don’t understand what you mean.


I’m new to the digital art bis so I wouldn’t;t know.


Create an outline
But for every part: Face, Body, Hair, Outfit
Create a layer coloring it in so you can select it when shading!


@Jeremy can you close this too?