Can anyone help me out pleaase

so i need someones help
can someone please make a episode background like this not the same but similar because im not trying to get copy writed but instead make it say seductive because i got an inspiration of doing it for my own story so i was wondering can someone make it like this


That’s a commission artists. You’re not going to find a free artist that makes that kind of art. You aren’t going to find a lot of free art, so commissions or edited covers.

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oh whats a commission artists.

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You have to pay money.

If you want an edited cover, I can make you one.

oh whats an edited cover sorry lol

and smh,

and also where would i even find a commission artist and how much do they usually cost

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Edited cover usually have the MC on the cover and has a filter over it. They are not that hard to make them yourself if you want a simple one. They are free because they usually use episode assets and people are not legally allowed to change people for that. Commission artists are usually found on instagram and the cost range on the artists skills some will change you in the region of $45 but some will ask for more depending the amount on characters on it, style, how much of the character is on it and much more. You can find some on the forums as well.

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how do you even become a commission artist like what do they use…

Usually paypal.

no i mean like the apps and stuff, like gimp or

I heard a lot of artists use procreate, there is alternatives but I am not an artist myself so I wouldn’t bother asking me.

She paid for this, it’s by @dana_i_nana. I imagine it would have costed a lot. It’s legally the authors n u cannot use it even re-titled bc that’s copyright violation & illegal. u’ll need to buy ur own if u want a cover like that :white_heart:

Art is a luxury product :woman_shrugging:t3: If u want smth like this ^ it will b smth like $100+. Dana uses Procreate to make her covers, if u wanna make ur own but u cannot use this (:


Most commission artists aren’t really cheap. Here is an example of an edited cover I made for a contest.


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what i mean by smh is not rude- at all…its just that im sad and i also cant create it myself because i don’t have photoshop or procreate…

It’s ok, I get it :white_heart: u can always buy one n if that’s not an option for u, lots of awesome editors, like scarlett who commented above, will b happy to make u smth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


your work is very nice periodt <3

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Thank you! :relaxed:
If you want one you can private chat me or you can look for another artists.

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