Can anyone help me please?

Did you double check you didn’t accidentally delete the label?

What’s the label again? Sorry the is all s new to me

Example of a label is “label boybodyColor_2”
So you need a label “label boy_change_0” placed at the start of the choices (hopefully that makes sense)

It would be “label boy_change_0” so maybe try pressing the control key and “F” (command if you have a Mac) then searching for label boy_change_0, if it’s not there, that would explain why you’re getting the error. Another explanation might be a typo in the label

Okay thank you guys so much :grin:

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Thank you :smile:

It worked!, thank you again

Okay I am sorry to key bugging all of ya but now idk what’s wrong I would like me the narrator to walk Offsete and I do that np but when the characters come in for changing I appear again and I do not know what to do.

I think it’s because it’s confusing your character “Narrator” with the actual NARRATOR… so try putting NARR instead :slight_smile: