Can anyone help me please


i’m trying to find out how to make a cover for two of my storys any ideas?
EDIT: i’ll get on tomorrow anyone can help ( outifts DON’T MATTER )
EDIT: I’m back on (9:53a.m)


I can make one for you.


i’m kinda new at this how could i help?


@Circe_dreamteam do u got it? or do u need help


well, if you could send me

character details
story title
author name
story description


oh, if you wanna do it go right ahead.


Episode Harmony can


no its okay lol just wondering


Here’s one of our examples

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no go ahead!! You’re great, you rarely do requests.


@Rac5hel @Kalizzza


Hey, it would be much appreciated iff you let @jenna1012 do it… she’s new to the art world but she’s amazing and it would be appreciated if you let my daughter do a request…


Look at the previous comment and your 13 or do you have. Daughter


thank you! but its fine, dont want to start a fight


haha lol no it’s virtual


please dont start an argument its an inside joke


story title is : what now!?!
character details;
( max skin olive, brow Thick Arch, hair Short Cropped Hair blond, eyes Round Gentle purple ,face Defined Triangle, nose is Button, lips are Classic color olive)
(ava skin olive, brow Seductive Round, hair Casual Braided Pigtails blond, eyes Round Luxe purple, face Diamond, nose Roman, lips Full Round blush)
(berry Body olive,Brow Thick Arch, Hair Unstyled Faux Hawk blond, Eyes Round Gentle purple, Face Diamond, Nose Button, Lips Classic olive)
author name Amber
story descriptionyour dad was abusive, your brothers over protive what happens when you meet ACE the towns bad boy? Will you stay good or will you turn bad!?