Can anyone help me? || School Project Purposes

Weird question, but its for school purposes.
Our homework consists of interviewing foreign people. PLEASE HELP ME OUT ASAP ):

Q.1 : Why is language important?
Q.2 : Why do we need to learn a certain language?
Q.3 : Can you give three examples where we can see language/communication is used
Q.4 : When and Where do you use communication?
Q.5 : Are symbolisms effective in communication?

Thank you for whoever is willing to help, it is greatly appreciated!

Q1 that varies by individual for me it’s most important, in the way that we can communicate and understand each other.
Q2 Lots of different reasons there could be an emergency and the only one closest speaks another language or vice versa. To understand another person better, or for diplomatic reasons.
Q3 Well that one happens everywhere we go! So anything for that would be fine. Writing speaking silent communication happens everywhere.
Q4 Everywhere.
Q5 Depends on the type of communication, I would say generally yes

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I get irritated just by reading those questions but good luck!

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Thank you so much! :two_hearts:

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