Can anyone help me this story pls!

I don’t remember much but basically this girl meets this boy online and I think he’s a prince or he’s just really rich, but accidentally his Bestfriend sends a picture of him (the BFF sends a picture of himself instead of the 1st LI) to the Girl (MC) so that has her thinking she’s falling for the bestfriend instead of of the boy she was talking to from the start. She decides to go meet him and she ends up to finding him and all three of them sort the situation out but now she has to figure out who she loves the most. (And she’s also staying with them). Also it’s a limelight story and it’s not made by episode, it’s by a small author. And it’s not that “Catfish” story episode made in ink a long time ago. Would be very grateful if anyone could find this or something similar :heart::heart:

Does the best friend play music?

Yes I think so.

Dose anyone know this story I’m going crazy trying to find it! It’s about these to best friends in college and the guy was in the military and is in love with her. Her name is Brielle and I don’t remover his name but he has curly hair and white eyes. Their both in a frat and she is best friends with her sister. They have a thing for sunflowers


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