Can anyone help me with advanced coding?

hey, does anyone know how to do advanced coding, branching, spot-directing, and more? if so can you help me out??

Yeah, I do what you need help with?

do you know how to make a choice that affects the story later on?? like a couple episodes after the choice has been made…

Yeah give me one second and I’ll send you a template to remember past choices

Here is something from One Night Stand episode that havent been published
choice (TALK)
“Open up…” {
YOU (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
I learned majority of my fighting growing up.
STRANGER (talk_think_neutral)
YOU (talk_armsraised_neutral)
Yeah, my parents have a lot of enemies.
YOU (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
My mom is one of the best detectives in the country.
I don’t really know my dad, word on the street that he was a powerful gang leader.
STRANGER (talk_think_neutral)
What gang?
YOU (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
I don’t know, but my mom made sure I know how to protect myself just in case his enemies come back to bite me.
STRANGER (talk_think_neutral)
And the tattoo?
YOU (talk_shrug_neutral)
That’s for another day
readerMessage He will remember that you opened up to him.
} “Stay silent” {
@YOU is idle_awkward_scratch_loop and STRANGER is eyeroll_subtle
STRANGER (talk_neutral)
If you are not ready to open up, I won’t make you but in order-
YOU (talk_neutral)
I understand.
readerMessage He will remember that you didn’t open up to him
@transition fade out black 2.0
@STRANGER changes into STRANGER_default
@STRANGER stands screen left and STRANGER faces right and SKI stands screen right and SKI faces left
SKI (talk_think_neutral)
What do you know about the girl?
if (TALK is “Open up…”) {
STRANGER (talk_neutral)
She learned how to fight growing up and her father was a powerful gang leader.
SKI (talk_think_neutral)
That’s it?
STRANGER (talk_armsraised_neutral)
SKI (talk_think_neutral)
It just something about her seem so familiar…
STRANGER (talk_shrug_neutral)
You are probably just paranoid
SKI (talk_think_neutral)
I hope so…
} elif (TALK is “Stay silent” ) {
STRANGER (talk_neutral)
I don’t know, she didn’t open up to me…
SKI (talk_think_neutral)
You think you can make her.
STRANGER (talk_deny_neutral)
Not a chance in hell, I can’t even get to listen to me.
SKI (talk_think_neutral)
Where do I get the feeling that I met her from somewhere.
This should work for non-clothing choices
There’s a different way right choices to remember past outfits

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