Can anyone help me with art?

Is there any artist that can do a cover drawing for me and other drawings for the story? Please let me know who can help me, thanks.


You can request here :hugs:


I can!

Here are some of my examples

Click me!!

Your work is amazing! I would love it if you did a cover for me.

For the cover, I was thinking about having the MC and the LI to almost be kissing but I am open to other suggestions too. I am hoping to have it on a football field.

image a-couple-kissing-outside1

My story is about football so I was hoping to can do it in the football uniforms:

These are my characters:

Thank you so much.

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Oh, Hey, I’m sorry to say that I’m really bad at drawing side characters (does that make sense??)

Yes that does. If you have something either you think would look good you can do that. Otherwise I will try to think of something else.

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I’m so sorry for wasting your time…

You are good. I appreciate the help. I will probably request other art later on because I really love your work. Thanks again!

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