Can anyone help me with background i will give credit

Hi :butterfly: if anyone have a background that in google drive that create with your hand or you’re own google drive please dropped it in comment for credit so i can see what background i need but if don’t have one please leave comment if know someone on lg have background comment they name or feel free telling me

:red_light: but make sure that background free not commission :red_light:

I have went to check @Jl_writes to see if there background but there is commission background since there was alots that i need and vet background was with the other design background too so i can’t afford it so please unterstand that i asking for free background to be credit

but there was a vet shop on forum that owner make of overlay vet stuff and more that i need but it was in owner name too so i can’t get them because i was going ask owner but owner was not active

what i need is

1.Christmas background
*Christmas three overlay
*Christmas House design
*Christmas Train station
*Christmas Town of shop background

3.Vet background and overlay
*Pets bed overlay or it can be pets bedroom
*Vet hospital background and walk way for outside of vet
*Pet toys overlay
*Vet waiting room
*Pet’s playground
*Vet office
*Vet Emergency background room

4.Halloween background
*Halloween House Town
*Halloween Hallway
*Tree overlay Halloween design

5.Laptop overlay

6, Living room background

7.Airport background stairs

8.Airplane seat background

9.Car seat front

Note: It can be any background you have I will lets know what i choose from background and i make sure i credit . It can be even Kitchens, war background or something that you create or someone that tag from Ig that have know or on forum in comment below

:red_light: Please remember that it for credit :red_light:

:red_light: But make sure it free not commission :red_light:

no wallpaper from search that mean no internet search but if creator for background on internet search please dropped it below for person who create background but if it wallpaper I will not accept it


I’m not sure if what you’re looking for is here but they have tons of backgrounds to choose from in their drive and credit is mandatory.

I added a / to avoid tagging someone



I do have a free drive that has backgrounds and overlays :relaxed:

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it ok :butterfly: i unterstand and i check on tag of creator of artists who create background soon Thanks you for helping me @saray.episode and yes i looking for background sorry if it bit confused

is background free or commission :butterfly: i just asking @Jl_writes

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It’s free just make sure you give credit and follow their rules :relaxed:

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what is rule

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@Jl_writes hi love, what are your rules for using your backgrounds

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Just to give credit to me that’s all :grin:


The backgrounds already in the drive are free :slight_smile:


so how i credit is it from forum or intergram

Your story would be good :grin:

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:hugs: Thanks you @Jl_writes