Can anyone help me with making a background



Hey guys can anyone help me with making a background with a plane there is ruint


Can you describe how you want it in more details!!?? Like some of the plane missing??? I want to make it look like you want it


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give me an hour


@aprill is good at background editing


You saw I commented so why do you have to try and take it from me… y’all always do this to us…


I didn’t even see it


We just want to help out the comunity it doesn’t matter who does it it matter if you did it or try to.

Now please stop i don’t want drama.


@Hannah_minna I’m sorry but were not doing it anymore


It’s okay, it’s all yours @ChayChay. You’re probably better than I am anyway lol, I’m sure you’ll do a great job! :blush:


Thats so sweet of you a


I’m trying it… y’all can try too… sorry I got upset… let them decide… I know we are all trying to help. I was trying to get more info… lol I have a few ideas for it but not sure how they will come out…


Yes can you help me??




Yes… I will be working on it later today for you


I can start now @ChayChay


That’s fine… aw wants it wrecked but not showing sky


Just a smashtet and cracks like this
but not the other stuff maybe some things on the floor and those two chairs in front if you can thanks


could you??


Yes… I can do that… I will work on it in a littlest while