Does anyone know how this is done???


You would have to use an arm overlay.


do you mind showing me how?


First, you have to get the arm overlay that you want. I know @episode.uwe has some. Go to her Instagram HERE <— (click) and click her linktree link that is in her bio. Click on the box that says “Backgrounds,” and it should take you to a google drive folder. From there, select “Overlays > Limbs and Hair [INK]/Limbs and Hair [Limelight] > Both/Female/Male” and look at the different overlays and decide which one you want to use. Download the overlay to your computer, then upload to your overlay library in the overlay catalog.

After you upload it, you can use it in your story. You may have to shift, rotate, scale, etc. the overlay to get it perfect. Here is a full guide to overlays: