Can anyone help me with this scene idea?

The title says it all. The MC wakes up from a coma and I don’t whether she should be pissed or sad. It’ll make more sense with details. Pleaseee if you could help <3 lemme know. :pleading_face:

Try to make it realistic. People who wake up from comas tend to be confused, so somewhere along those lines. If you’re still not sure, Google emotions that patients go through when they just wake up from a coma and what they tend to feel afterward :relaxed:.

ye ye i know but like the context of why she’s in the coma is a big factor of how she comes out of it. long story short: she has Asperger’s and she’s prone to seizures (she’s also a dancer) so during one of probably the biggest performances of her life she has a seizure on the stage and goes into epileptic shock and went into a coma for 2-3 days. so yea i do want her to be confused lol she did just wake up from a coma but should she be angry or sad after realizing what happened ?

It depends on your character and what you’ve made their character traits :woman_shrugging:

you right, you right.