Can anyone help me with this scene?

Hi everyone I someone help? I’m trying to figure out a wedding scene and I don’t know what to do.


I’m trying to have the bride walk down the aisle and have the bridesmaids be across and the best man be across from the groom.

If anyone can help me that would be great


You would have to do spot directing for the bridesmaid and groom. They can just stand at a spot position and do animations there. As for the bride, you can place her in screen center in zone 2, then make her walk to beside the groom.
Hope this helped! <3

It helps but for the bride do you mean she enters from left to screen center in zone 2 and I have to spot directing her to stand next to the groom

Your script could look like this:

@GROOM spot #
@BRIDE stands screen center

@pause for a beat
@BRIDE walks to spot # (beside the groom) AND BRIDE does it while walk_rear

anyways it’s just a suggestion. There are lots of ways to do this scene.

That is good. I will try that. Thank you so much

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