Can anyone help me ? :)

Hi ! I am writing a story called Moonlight

But it is not published now.

I was wondering if anyone here could help me with the zooms, pan, zones, characters heights and transitions.

I know I am asking a lot but if you are good in directing,coding, etc. and you want to help,
Just PM so I can ask you a few questions !

Thank you all, I appreciate your help :slight_smile: :sunny:

I’d start with tutorials from Joseph Evans on YouTube, and read guides by @Dara.Amarie here and @Apes (found in her profile here), and @JemU776 has recently posted some great guides as well, here’s one here, and she has a few others.

You can also always ask on the forums, as you are doing now, as people on here are friendly and happy to help! Good luck with writing xo


Thank you so much ! :sunny:

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You’re welcome :two_hearts:

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