Can anyone help please?¿

I can’t seem to get my overlays to show and I’ve exhorted all my options. The overlays literally won’t show and there is the yellow warnings sign that says “specify one of “shifts to” etc” Can anyone help me??

These are the things I’ve tried:
Re uploading
Changing the overlay all together
Refreshing the page
Restarting the computer

Just another thought: is there a limit to how many overlays you can upload??

Can you show how that part on your script looks like pls?

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Here is a screenshot
Sorry for the wired names I call the overlays.
I have the problem for multiple overlays but this is just one of them

try &overlay instead of @overlay

You can’t have the word ‘AND’ in an Ols name

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I’ve tried but doesn’t work sorry

What is Ols??

Sorry, it’s a short version for ‘overlays’

I’ve done that many time before and if I put it on to the next line the same thing happens

Are the error lines two separate overlays?
If so, write: overlay [OL1] [Action] AND overlay [OL2] [Action]

If not: You have to change the name to sth with out ‘and’ in the name

What is sth mean??


You either reupload and rename the overlay as I.S. WORDS LUX_AND_TENEBRIS HAD FELT A C or I.S. WORDS LUX N TENEBRIS HAD FELT A C

The script recognizes “AND” as a command rather than an overlay name, so you’d need to put an underscore or change the name without the word “AND”.

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