Can anyone help with art for my story..?

Hi! So, I’ve been planning a new story for a week now, but in Order to make it as Perfect as I need it to be, I could really use some art for certain scenes… More like overlays though…
If you need to know what the story theme is, pm me for details :innocent:
Since I know what I’m going to write from the beginning till the end, I know everything I need… So there’s a lot. But I don’t need just One artist to do it, because for just One it could be too much. So, whenever someone will Tell me they Can do it, I’ll blur it.
I will give you full credit!!
So for all the character edits, she looks like this:


So not all edits will need a character, but still…
So, the edits I need are:
2. A cascet overlay (for those who don’t know what it is Or I just don’t know how to spell it, it’s where dead Bodies are placed in When they get buried) with the character in it.
3. The character singing. She looks sad, without a Microphone. She’s a banshee, so ya… It would be great if you could make her singing in the middle of this background



And on The other one: Sammy Salder, beloved wife, friend And mother. 2005-2090
5.A cover for the story. The story is called “A Banshee”. There should be her, the character, singing And crying.
I really hope someone Can do them…

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Check this out for an art shop that suits you :heartpulse:

Can I try?

Well , the only One I still need is the cascet overlay… if you could make one, it would be amazing