Can anyone help with overlays?

Hey guys can anyone help me with hallway overlays???

What do you mean? Help how?

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What type of hallway are you looking for like school, office?

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Means I want the want the walkway to rooms :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I could help you out if you want. I can send some examples of backgrounds I have made

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Thanks :blush:

Ohhh okay, do you have a specific Background? I can cut out the overlays for you if you want

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Overlay examples:

Background examples:


Oh WOW. These are amazing :scream: :star_struck:


Aww thank you so much that means a lot xx

What is your insta id??

I had to make a new one the other day cause I forgot my password but its episode.el1

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Mine is mira_epi_

Okkkkkkk I will dm you
Thanks saved at the last moment :blob_hearts:

Just requested you

added u back xx