Can anyone help with this coding issue?


I was writing my story and something’s happened. When I reset my story progress and checked my story, the characters are still there.

But when when I updated my script, some of my characters were missing…

Can anyone help? I don’t know if it’s a bug or just my coding…


are they in the in the right zone, and is there a scripting error?


The only scripting error is a background one but that’s for another background because it hasn’t been approved yet.


click on the directing helper and ‘change char’ until a character which is missing comes up, where are they on the screen?


Yeah they are in the right zone because when I reset my story progress, it works but if I update my script they disppear.


Okay I’ll try


I think that they are there but they have just disappeared… :thinking:


oh, i don’t know, send a ticket on pocket gems, they can help, or if you have twitter, tag episode and they will definetly reply!!!


Okay thanks


This happens to me too :(( every time it happens I just close the app and reopen it, and it usually works. But it keeps happening so it’s not a permanent fix or anything.


Okay thank you