Can anyone help

so basically my script isn’t having YOU pop up at the same time ABUELA is popping up so how do I make them pop up at the same time

INT. PATIENT 1 - DAY with PATIENT COVER at layer -4
@zoom reset
@overlay 6111308699402240_PATIENT COVER shifts to -2 129
@overlay 6111308699402240_PATIENT COVER scales to 1.189 1.189
music int_hospitalroom
@ABUELA spot 0.712 31 237 AND ABUELA faces right AND ABUELA is sleep_sit_neutral_loop AND ABUELA moves to layer 2
@YOU spot 0.706 28 366 and YOU faces right AND YOU is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop AND YOU moves to layer -5

@ABUELA changes into TShirt_Jogger_Sweater
@YOU changes into Maternity_Hospital_Gown

You can use & instead of @




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omg it worked thank u

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No problem! :revolving_hearts:

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