Can anyone help?


Hi there! So, I’m in the middle of writing something for my story but what I’ve put down in the script won’t show up? This is what I’ve put:
@MAL spot 0.885 259 -86 AND MAL is rear
@MAL moves from 0.885 259 -86 to 1.092 255 -43 in 1 AND MAL does it while rear
@MAL is laugh_chuckle
If anyone can help I’ll be grateful!


@MAL walks to spot 1.092 255 -43 in 1 AND MAL does it while rear




Hmm… I’ve had to put it at the start because the character was supposed to be there originally but it’s still not showing up. Anything I can do to make it show up?


Are you in zone 2? Because if you type the spot regularly, they will be in zone 1


I’ll try that now, thanks again!


It’s still not working… it has come up with an error though, it says “@CHARACTER moves to layer x” as an error on this line:
…and that’s basically me.




Thanks so much!