Can anyone make a cover art for my story?

This story is about two rival streamers that find out they were each others first loves. Their breakup was pretty bad, but it’s been 4 years and now they don’t even recognize each other. These are the characters I would like the art to be based on. I would love if it included some sort of gaming tysmm!

Heyy are you wanting free or paid? and also drawn or edited?

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Hello as of right now free but whenever I get money I would love to pay😊 also drawn I forgot to add they’re rivals and this is the background/poses

is that background copyright free, episode only allow use of copyright free art.

meaning you can not use art from google or Pinterest because its mostly always copyrighted .


Yes it is copyright free


I can if you could message me on instagram or on here my instagram is alpha.moon_art

Okay. may I ask where you got it?

No it’s not. You got this on Pinterest

Not only is it not copyright free, but it actually belongs to a different app, which means it is legally theirs and using it for any purposes is breach of copyright.

I thought so, the way it was shaped made me think it was from some story app. which was why I doubt it was copyright free.

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