Can anyone make a cover for my story for free

Hi i want to know if anyone can make a cover for my story for free if you can please put some peaces of your work so i can see!its is vary much appreciated if you can :grinning:

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try requesting at one of these art shops angel!! <3


Hi i would love if someone can do a cover for free i would love it i am unable to maker my own because i dont have a ipad to make my own till chreistamas tbh i want one so more people would read my story cuz this is my cover
Give_Love_A_CHANCE_1-3_out_now_posterThumb_3UlI1recLh and its not the best and i made if myself on my phone so could anyone make me a cover and can you show me some of your work too


Hi, I just wanted to say that your cover current looks pretty!


aww thanks

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Hm, you can always looks for and editor to do a custom pose for you.

Of course with there permission to add it to your cover.

I personally donโ€™t do custom poses but I can make a cute cover.

Anyways, good luck on the cover.

I think your current one is cute as well :rose:

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aww thanks,and i could defenetly look into that

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Hey there! You can request at my shop here if you still need one (:

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ok thanks

There is also my Art Shop

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