Can anyone make a cover, large and small please :)

Hi so I’m writing my story called “Face the Music” basically its about a girl and a guy in a band.
For the small cover can you have the guy with a guitar and the girl looking at him, like the flirt_shy animation, the background idrk what I want so do whatever he feel like would work for it i’m sure i’ll like it , and for the large one it can just be like text with the name of the story in it and whatever you feel like adding. Get creative :slight_smile:

The girl - Josie
Skin- Light
Brow- Seductive arch
Hair- Straight, platinum blonde
Eyes- upturned feline, purple
Face- soft heart
nose- eleven
mouth- full, blush

The boy- Blake
Skin- Honey
Brow- medium, sharp
Hair- spiked up hair, black
Eyes- stoic almond, green
Face- chiseled square
nose- roman
mouth- smirk, taupe

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If you don’t need it by a certain time, we’ll be glad to help you!

Yes thank you , whenever you have enough time to do it that would be great thanks.

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Do you mind copying an pasting this on the thread? With all the necessary info.


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If you need one now I can help accomodate your needs!!!
My art isn’t as good, or the same style as Turle Cat’s, but I can do covers!!!

If you want an example you can look at my portfolio.
(It’s okay if you don’t want to use my cover style)

I don’t need anything right away so i’m fine with the wait. But if you could do a splash that would great, your art is very good and I need one that says this story uses sound I would love that! :smile:

That would be fine!!!
Do you have a specific charecter/ pose (and limelite, classic, or Ink) you want in the splash???

yes if you could use this character below in ink and you can do whatever you want the pose I don’t have anything in specific for that.
(Sorry i tried to screenshot but my mac is being weird and won’t let me so i just have to describe sorry if that’s too much work)
Skin- light
Hair- straight, fawn
Mouth- classic, blush
brow- medium angled
eyes- upturned bold, blue
face- oval
nose- upturned

outfit- white romper, brown beach day sandal

No it is perfectly fine!!!
(Lol I’m working on a 2010 windows for pete’s sake!)

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Here it is!!! I really hope you like it!

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Oh my god, this is so good! thank you so much <3

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Your welcome!!!:relaxed: