Can anyone make a menu game template credit will be given

Good morning :blob_sun: can anyone help make a menu game template without a background and credit will be given to the person who have make the menu game template


it can be any one of example

It have to be state as
2. Credit


this is what i wanted the background to be in menu game template

and it can be any background that sci - fi you make for menu game template since it hard for me to find background for menu game template

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Hey, I can probably work on this for you if you’re still looking?


hey! Can I also use the menu card but with different options?

For example you will have these as option

And I might change them to other 5

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I can absolutely work on it for you. I just need to know what you want it to look like. If it’s easier, you can send me a PM.


yes i am still looking :innocent: @Gargamel

can show example what mean by menu card :thinking: @Ash_Jas

Let’s talk about what you’re looking for. Do you just want buttons on a static background? Do you want anything moving or characters doing stuff behind of or in front of the buttons?

i want the menu game template background inside the menu game to looks like a star , space like it can included a mix color of like star or gravity something that is sci - fi but it have be space background

I’m having a little trouble visualizing what you mean. Would you be willing to do a really rough drawing or mockup on powerpoint or something like that? Just so I can see the layout?

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can show me a example @Gargamel :thinking: i confused what rough drawing and mocking too

So, something like this that shows which buttons you want where on the screen and that kind of stuff. It doesn’t have to look like the final product at all, just basic shapes to give me a guide.

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Boxes and stick figures and the like, lol

it can be png menu game template without the background and no name but see when you click on story and see the menu game template that have the name and when it have script in it that what i mean i am sorry i not sure how to explain the menu game template but no background it can be a shape draw

oof :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: lost it there that get me Dead :sweat_smile:

Okay, so do you just want the 5 buttons stacked on top of each other the same size? Or like, do you already have the buttons made and you want to know how to make them clickable? Do you want me to make you button overlays?

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Do you just want buttons on a background? Do you want some overlays you can put over the top of something you already have?

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just make then without stacking them i will deal with it were to put it

and yes please can make a script too for menu game template please :pleading_face:

Okay, so let me make sure I’m correctly understanding what you’re looking for, and then I can get started…

So, you need 5 button overlays and you need the code to make them clickable?

Is that correct, or am I forgetting something?

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no background because i already have background to put it on i just need the menu game template to have background design inside of the buttom and the outside design as sci - fi and name in middle that all